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2016 World Awareness Events

Browse our list of 2016 World Awareness Days, Weeks and Months. Please email us at if we have missed any.


Don't be a Bully Day

7th January


Brain Awareness Day

14th January




Children's Mental Health Week

8th - 14th February


International Stand-Up to Bullying Day

26th February


National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

21st - 27th February




Self-Harm Awareness Day

1st March


World Head Injury Awareness Day

20th March


World Down's Syndrome Week

20th - 26th March




World Autism Awareness Day

2nd April


World Health Day

7th April


Autism Awareness Day

8th April


Depression Awareness Week

20th - 26th April




Better Speech and Hearing Month

1st - 31st May


National Walking Month

1st - 31st May


Brain Injury Week

9th - 15th May


Dementia Awareness Week

15th - 21st May


Mental Health Awareness Week

16th - 22nd May


Walk to School Week

18th - 22nd May


National Boost-Your-Self-Esteem Month - TEEN Day

31st May 




Careers Week

6th - 12th June


World Brain Tumour Day

8th June


Autistic Pride Day

18th June




Disability Awareness Day

10th July




International Friendship Day

2nd August


International Youth Day

12th August




World Suicide Carer's Day

10th September


Action on Stroke Month

12th - 18th September


Know Your Numbers! Week (Blood Pressure UK)

12th - 18th September


National Dementia Carer's Day

12th September


World Alzheimer's Day

21st September


Go Home on Time Day

23rd September




National Bullying Prevention Month

1st - 31st October




Anti-Bullying Month

31st October - 30th November


National Stress Awareness Day

2nd November






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