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Making the most of those Golden Years

Enjoying Golden Years


independent living

At Pearson we are fully aware of changing demographics, current clinical trends and issues associated with aging – loss of mobility and decline of cognitive abilities.

Mobility and mental health are interconnected and are the key prerequisites that underpin one's independent living ability, e.g. using clocks and calendars, counting money, preparing snacks, using a phone, remembering simple information and taking medications.

Our aim is to enable aging population to make most of their golden years. We believe in the holistic approach of assessing both cognitive and physical functions at the early stages of aging in order to prevent loss of mobility and cognitive function, giving the elderly the gift of independent living as well saving public funds.


NEW: 2 part video with Dr Reena Vohora on supporting the UK's ageing population

Join Dr Reena Vohora for a conversation on how today's ageing population can continue to live healthy and fulfilling lives and how a holistic approach to care can support them to thrive.

Watch a snippet below:

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