SEND and Educational Assessments



Our ability to learn is as unique as we are 

Ensuring each individual gets the additional support they need to succeed in education 

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Child & Adolescent mental health tools 

Tools to identify social, emotional and behavioural,  issues in children and young people.

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Toolkit for learning

Access Arrangements & DSA Interactive Guide

Find the right tools for your students' AA and DSA needs with our downloadable interactive guide.

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Raven's - Educational

The Progressive Matrices provide an assessment of non-verbal ability...

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Adult Reading Test, Second Edition (ART-2)

Use Adult Reading Test, Second Edition to assess adult...

Dyslexia Guide


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A free resource to help you support dyslexic students in the classroom, no matter their background or language skills.

SEND Resources


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SEND resources and tools comprising of guides, videos, Q&A, whitepapers and assessments to help you support your students needs. 

Raven's 2


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Measure clear-thinking ability without the impacts of language skills or cultural differences, even in non-verbal children and adults.



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Get an overview of the Raven's 2, including features, administration, scoring and reporting.

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