Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Second Edition (WRAML2)


Key information

Evaluate an individual's memory functioning


David Sheslow,

Wayne Adams

Publication Year:


Age Range:

5 years to 90 years


Individual - 45 to 60 minutes; Screening section - 10 to 15 minutes

Qualification Code:


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The WRAML2 is a standardised instrument that allows the user to evaluate an individual’s memory functioning. It provides evaluation of both immediate and delayed memory ability, as well as the acquisition of new learning. 

Features and benefits

  • The best of the original, updated for even more versatility and usability. The WRAML2 includes standard scores, scaled scores, and percentiles. Age equivalents are provided for the child and pre-adolescent age groups.
  • Normed for children, adolescents, and adults, ages 5-90 years. The normative sample was constructed using a national stratified sampling technique in the US, controlling for age, sex, race, region, and education.
  • Increased flexibility. A Screening Battery, consisting of four subtests from the Core Battery, provides an overview of memory functioning. Several subtests supplement the Core Battery, allowing you to choose additional subtests and indexes to facilitate qualitative analyses.

Test structure

  • The WRAML2 Core Battery is composed of two Verbal, two Visual, and two Attention/Concentration subtests, yielding a Verbal Memory Index, a Visual Memory Index, and an Attention/Concentration Index, respectively. Together, these subtests yield a General Memory Index.
  • Added in this edition are the Working Memory Index, which comprises the Symbolic Working Memory and Verbal Working Memory subtests, and four recognition subtests: Design Recognition, Picture Recognition, Verbal Recognition, and Story Memory Recognition.

Psychometric information

Reliability coefficients for the Core Battery Verbal Memory Index, Visual Memory Index, and Attention/Concentration Index are .92, .89, and .86, respectively. The alpha coefficient for the General Index is .93.


Price list

Manual Administration Kits

Complete kit:

Includes Manual, Sound Symbol Booklet, Examiner Forms (25), Picture Memory Response Forms (25), Picture Memory Recognition Forms (25), Design Memory Response Forms (25), Design Memory Recogition Forms (25), Picture Memory Cards (4), Design Memory Cards (5), Finger Window Card, Symbolic Working Memory Card (2), Red Grease Pencil (2)
ISBN: 9780749119560
£777.60 inc VAT


Examiner Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749119584
£121.20 inc VAT
Picture Memory Response Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749119591
£82.80 inc VAT
Picture Memory Recognition Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749119614
£85.20 inc VAT
Design Memory Response Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749119621
£66.00 inc VAT
Design Memory Recognition Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749119638
£66.00 inc VAT

Manual Administration Components

Picture Memory Cards, Set of 4
ISBN: 9780749170288
£49.20 inc VAT
Design Memory Cards (Set of 5)
ISBN: 9780749170264
£66.00 inc VAT
Currently out of stock, available to pre-order
Finger Window Card
ISBN: 9780749170271
£64.80 inc VAT
Currently out of stock, available to pre-order
Symbolic Working Memory Card (2)
ISBN: 9780749170318
£78.00 inc VAT
Sound Symbol Booklet
ISBN: 9780749170301
£81.00 inc VAT
Currently out of stock, available to pre-order
Red Grease Pencil
ISBN: 9780749170295
£2.40 inc VAT
Administration and Scoring Manual
ISBN: 9780749119577
£135.00 inc VAT

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