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WIAT-II UK for Teachers (WIAT-II UK -T)

WIAT-II-UK for Teachers Manual 9780749128098
WIAT-II-T Record Form

Key information

Designed for access arrangements, statementing and general literacy levels, WIAT-II for Teachers assesses single word reading, reading comprehension, reading speed and spelling.


David Wechsler

Publication Year:


Age Range:

4 to 85 years (17 to 85 years are US norms)


Individual - 30 to 40 minutes

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The new WIAT-IIIUK-T is now available to pre-order!

The WIAT-IIUK-T Kit and Manual are now out of print. Record Forms are still available to purchase below.

The WIAT-IIUK-T is the most comprehensive UK-normed assessment package designed for access arrangements, statementing and general literacy levels.

The WIAT-IIUK-T is the only test for specialist teachers currently offering subtests in the three key areas of reading:

  • untimed single word accuracy
  • reading comprehension
  • reading speed.

The WIAT-IIUK-T provides the following:

  • Single Word Reading - includes letter identification, phonological awareness, letter-sound awareness, accuracy and automaticity of word recognition
  • Reading Comprehension - stories and sentences include literal, inferential and lexical comprehension, oral reading accuracy and fluency and word recognition in context
  • Reading Speed - for 6 to 16 years 11 months. Words per minute (WPM) can also be recorded for the full age range
  • Reading Rate - this is calculated from the Reading Comprehension subtest. The quartile scores identify the slow and accurate, slow and inaccurate, fast and accurate and fast and inaccurate reader 
  • Single Word Spelling - includes letter-sound correspondence for vowels, consonants and consonant blends, regular and irregular words, contradictions and high-frequency homonyms.

In addition to a full set of US norms for the adult population, WIAT-IIUK-T provides up-to-date UK norms for children and adolescents. Based on 800 children, across all geographic regions, the data accurately represents the current UK population aged 4 to 16 years 11 months according to the 2001 UK census data.

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