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Cogmed Coach Training provides you with the skills and resources needed to support clients and students


To ensure maximum success with Cogmed working memory training the annual licence includes Cogmed Coach Training for named coaches up to the amount covered by your subscription. The named coaches can attend training at
any time within the subscription year at various venues around the country.

Training Recordings

Download slides from a previous sessions:

Cogmed Overview slides

Coaching Centre Overview slides

Cogmed: Best Practice for Maximum Results slides


What does the training include?

Dr Darren Dunning Cogmed Coach TrainingThis training provides you with an understanding of:

  1. What working memory is
  2. The effects of training working memory
  3. Demonstration of the training programs
  4. Cogmed Coaching Centre - the coaching tool
  5. Working as a coach
  6. The Cogmed Coaching Method and strategies for implementing Cogmed. 

We also ensure that you are provided with the latest research and development about working memory training and experiences from our work. Our support will help you with both technical and practical questions related to using Cogmed.


Cogmed Coaching Centre - the coaching tool

We are also running online sessions introducing the new Cogmed Coaching Centre

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Would you like to host Cogmed training?

Email us, if you would like to host Cogmed training or know of a place that would, this is the criteria we look for:

  • A room suitable for 20-30 people with access to tables
  • A projector/interactive white board (to show the presentation)
  • Access to WiFi

We provide:

  • All training materials
  • Tea/Coffee and snacks (host to provide cups and access to hot water)

If you are interested in hosting, please email



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