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New Cogmed Licence Options Available

We are pleased to be able to offer two new Cogmed Licence options for those requiring fewer than 20 user IDs per year.

Working memory deficits can affect people of all ages and abilities, as such we have a huge range of customers who wish to access Cogmed to use with their clients from 4 to 104. In the past we have had three levels of package available for our customers: 20, 40 or 60 user ID packages.

Some of our customers work with far fewer than 20 individuals so have felt that the package sizes would not necessarily suit their needs. We have listened to your comments and we are now pleased to announce that you can now buy Cogmed licences with 5 or 10 user IDs. These options are also available to those who renew their licence. 

Cogmed Licences Now Available 

Product ISBN  IDs  Price
 (exc VAT)
 5 Licence 9780749168773  5  £125  1
 10 Licence 9780749168797  10  £225  1
 20 Licence
 (Cogmed Small Licence)
9780749163464  20  £400  2

 40 Licence
 (Cogmed Medium Licence)

9780749163471  40  £600  4
 60 Licence
 (Cogmed Large Licence)
9780749163488  60  £800  6

Prices shown are valid for 12 months from purchase. If you do not use all of your user IDs in the space of a year they will be lost, it is the coach's responsibility to make use of the user IDs in the time frame allowed, extensions will not be granted.

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NB Prices correct at time of writing. 


Date posted: August 11, 2014

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