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Cogmed Version 3 Updates

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Cogmed Version 3.0, launched Monday, June 10th 2013, contains exciting new features for Cogmed RM and Cogmed QM that will make it even easier for you to provide Cogmed training.

Please read this explanation of new features carefully so you know what the new version includes. Note the shift happened automatically, so there is no need for you to do anything except be aware and take advantage. This change didn't affect any current users, only user ids created on or after June 10th.

Feature 1 - Variable Protocols (beta):

Coaches now have the capability within the Cogmed Training Web to choose the number of minutes per training session (Training Session Length) and the number of days of training per week (Training Session Frequency) for each end user.

There are a total of eight protocols available, ranging from the standard Cogmed protocol of 25 sessions over 5 weeks to up to 40 sessions over 10 weeks of calendar time. Note: The new protocols have not yet been validated in academic research, but have been piloted with very promising results. This report will be available on the Cogmed Training Web under Training Materials very soon. Given the continuous requests we’ve received from customers for greater scheduling flexibility, we decided to make Variable Protocols available to you even as we continue to analyse their precise impact.

Feature 2 - Cogmed Progess Indicator (CPI)

CPI is a tool we designed to measure improvement of WM on non-trained tasks with the Cogmed programs. CPI is a nice compliment to the Cogmed Training Index which measures improvement on the trained tasks. An information manual with very detailed descriptions of CPI is available on the Cogmed Training Web under 'Training Materials' along with a handy checklist with key points to remember about CPI and credentials so you can try it out for yourself.

Feature 3 - Automatic Notifications:

While Cogmed’s Training Web has enabled Coaches to access the details of every training they administer or oversee for quite some time, Coaches have told us that closely following multiple trainings and noticing key events (or the absence of them) can be quite challenging.

Automatic Notifications were designed to make life easier for Coaches by surfacing for them important developments occurring across all of their Cogmed trainings in one easy to access place. Initially, Notifications now include multiple skipped trainings, training day completions and significant CPI improvements. Additional Notifications will be developed and released from time to time. Please contact us with any requests you might have for new Notification types.

Feature 4 - Mandatory Breaks:

Traditionally, we have asked Coaches to encourage Trainees to take a short break should they miss 3 Trials in a row. As many Coaches have communicated to us that this is not so easy to implement, especially with larger groups of Trainees, we decided to automate this process. Now, if a Trainee misses 4 Trials in a row, Cogmed RM will automatically enforce a short (15 second) break to help the trainee to regain focus and continue most effectively with their Training.

Feature 5 - Full Sequence:

To date, the Cogmed program interrupts the Trainee as soon as he/she has selected an incorrect item in the sequence. We have received feedback that such interruptions can be discouraging. Accordingly, Cogmed Version 3.0 is configured to allow Trainees to complete the full sequence, thereby unloading their working memory completely before beginning a new sequence.


This pre-recorded webinar will take you through the updates:


We are excited about Cogmed Version 3.0 and hope that you and your Trainees will benefit from all of the new features.

Should you have any questions about these features or anything else about Cogmed Working Memory Training, please email us at

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