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Cogmed Coach of the Year: Could it be you?

We are looking for the UK’s best & brightest Cogmed Coaches, could that be you?

Being a Cogmed Coach is a challenging responsibility and we think excellent coaches should be recognised as such. 

At the end of 2015 we will be reviewing coach activity to find out which coaches have been gaining great results through demonstrating excellent practice.

We will be looking for the following: 

  • Have training sessions been completed within an acceptable time frame? 
  • A coach who has seen five or more training sessions through to completion.
  • If the users have achieved an index score of 16 or above. 

These Coaches will receive an online plaque for their websites from Pearson. This is a wonderful marketing tool for future customers or students to know they are dealing with an experienced Coach.

We will be announcing the winners the next edition of Cogmed News in January, so keep an eye on your email because it could be you!

NB You do not need to do anything to enter this competition.


Date posted: October 12, 2015

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