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Sensory Profile 2™ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Author Video FAQs

Isn't it better to complete the Sensory Profile 2 with the teacher or the parent?

How is it possible for a child to have more than others’ scores on multiple sensory patterns?

Some of the strategies for supporting a child are the same for HIGH or LOW sensory pattern scores; what does that mean?

What’s up with some of the Registration items on the Toddler Sensory Profile 2?

Do you support people from other disciplines administering the Sensory Profiles?

How do I deal with two different classroom teachers giving me different scores on the School Companion?


Standard FAQs

Is there a UK version of Sensory Profile 2?

Sensory Profile 2 has been developed using US normative data, options for developing a UK validation of the tool are currently being considered. Due to customer demand for the Sensory Profile 2 we have released the US version for UK customers; we will keep customers abreast of any further decisions regarding a UK validation.


What does Sensory Profile 2 replace?

SP2 is a revision of all Sensory Profile products except the[!--Space--]Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile. It does have an upward extension to age 14:11 (previously 10:11) providing some overlap with the Adolescent/Adult form for ages 11-14:11, thus allowing self-report and caregiver-report for this age range.

To clarify, the revision replaces:

  • Infant Toddler Sensory Profile
  • Sensory Profile
  • Sensory Profile Supplement
  • School Companion Sensory Profile
  • Sensory Profile Select Scoring Assistant


I don’t want all the forms, I just want an updated version of the school form (or infant/toddler/child forms); can I do that?

Yes you can. Simply purchase the manual and individual record forms for the product you require; the price is comparable to the previous edition.


Do you have a scoring subscription available for Sensory Profile 2 on Q-global?

Right now this is not available, but something we are working on and anticipate having available in the future. The current pricing for Q-global is per report, therefore similar to purchasing record forms with the added bonus of time savings and enhanced reporting options. 


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