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Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation, Third Edition

GFTA-3 Cover
GFTA-3 Cover
GFTA-3 Cover

Key information

Brief to administer and easy to score, providing accurate scores you can count on for making diagnostic and placement decisions

Publication Year:


Age Range:

2 years to 21 years 11 months


5 to 15 minutes for Sounds-in-Words Section, varied for Sounds-In-Words, Intelligibility, and Stimulability sections

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GFTA-3 is now available in the Q-interactive Assessment library

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Digital scoring and reporting options available on Q-global®and digital administaration via Q-interactive



With new print and digital editions, the updated GFTA™-3 and KLPA™-3 offer the best choices for assessing speech sound disorders. The updated third edition of the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation introduces exciting new features that make it easier than ever to obtain the accurate diagnostic information you need.

Updates to the most popular articulation test, available late 2015

The third edition of the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation offers updated norms, new digital test administration and scoring options. The new test will still be brief to administer and easy to score, while providing you with accurate scores you can count on for making diagnostic and placement decisions. 

Available in digital format via Q-global® 


New Features 

  • Digital administration and on-the-fly scoring on Q-interactive
  • Digital manuals and digital stimulus book available, as well as automated scoring on Q-global
  • Assess multiple occurrences of high frequency phonemes in the same amount of time (under 15 minutes)
  • Dialect-sensitive scoring for a wide range of American English dialects as well as English influenced by another language
  • New criterion-referenced assessment of vowels
  • Two new art sets, one appropriate for very young children and one for older students with articulation and intelligibility concerns
  • Based on over 40 years of research, with current normative data

New print and digital options

In addition to a paper kit, professionals can now choose to use Q-interactive to administer and score the GFTA-3 digitally. Using two iPads – one for the examiner; one for the child Q-interactive offers:

  • Interactive test administration to guide you through the assessment process
  • Basal and ceiling rule notifications
  • Ability to take digital notes that you can easily incorporate into reports
  • Score and review scores on-the-fly
  • Play back verbal responses directly from the iPad to confirm scores
  • Plus, no web access is needed to administer and score test!* *Web access needed to download tests.


Q-global® - Our web-based system for scoring and reporting paper administrations

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Q-global® is our secure and affordable web-based platform for test administration, scoring and reporting. It houses the industry's gold standard in assessment tools and is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. Q-global helps you quickly and efficiently organise examinee information, generate scores, and produce accurate comprehensive reports.

Two options for scoring and reporting the GFTA-3 are now available on Q-global.

  • The first option is to pay per-report. Customers who administer the GFTA-3 only a few times each year, or those who want the flexibility to pay only as the assessment is used, may prefer this option.

  • The second option is to select an "unlimited use" subscription, where one user of the GFTA-3 gets unlimited scoring and reporting for one year. This may be a better option for customers who administer the GFTA-3 several times each year—and don't want to worry about keeping track of their report expenses.

Please note there is no onscreen administration included in the scoring subscription. Customers selecting this option must manually enter data in order for scores and reports to be generated. 

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Q-global offers:

  • 24/7 secure, web-based access
  • Portability: Q-global can be used on mobile devices such as a laptop or tablet
  • On-demand, reliable scoring and comprehensive reporting solutions
  • Pricing on a per-report basis

GFTA-3 Score Reports:

  • Automatically converts total raw scores to test scaled scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and growth scale values
  • Automatically converts sums of scaled scores to composites scores, including the Core Language and numerous index scores
  • Provides an item analysis of performance on individual test

Price list

Manual Administration Kits

Complete kit with case:

Includes print Manual, Stimulus Book, Record Forms (25), and softcase
ISBN: 9780158012803
£396.00 inc VAT

Q-global® Web-based Administration, Scoring and Reporting

GFTA-3/KLPA-3 UK Q-global Combo Kit

Includes GFTA-3 Q-global Complete Kit [GFTA-3 Q-global Manual, GFTA-3 Q-global Stimulus Book, Print Record Forms (25)] and KLPA-3 Q-global Complete Kit [KLPA-3 Q-global Manual, KLPA-3 Q-global Sound Change Booklet] Print Analysis Forms (25)
ISBN: 9780749170653
£500.40 inc VAT
Currently out of stock, available to pre-order

GFTA-3 Q-global kit:

Includes: Q-global Manual, Q-global Stimulus Book, Record Forms (pkg 25)
ISBN: 9780749170646
£338.40 inc VAT
Q-global GFTA-3 Score Report 1 Year Subscription
ISBN: 9780749170622
£48.00 inc VAT
Q-global GFTA-3 with KLPA-3 Score Subscription 1 Year
ISBN: 9780749170639
£76.80 inc VAT


Record Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780158012834
£56.40 inc VAT
Available in 21 days after placing your order


Paper manual
ISBN: 9780158012810
£101.00 inc VAT

Manual Administration Components

Combo Kits

GFTA-3/KLPA-3 Combo kit:

Includes print GFTA-3 Complete Kit [GFTA-3 Manual, Stimulus Book, Record Forms (25), and softcase] and KLPA-3 Complete Kit [Manual, Sound Change Booklet, Analysis Forms (25)]
ISBN: 9780158012858
£600.00 inc VAT

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