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Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation, Second Edition

Key information

Measure articulation of consonant sounds

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Age Range:

2 years to 21 years 11 months


5 to 15 minutes for Sounds-in-Words Section, varied for the other two sections

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GFTA-3 has now superseded GFTA-2

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The Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation provides information about a child’s articulation ability by sampling both spontaneous and imitative sound production.

Examinees respond to picture plates and verbal cues from the examiner with single-word answers that demonstrate common speech sounds. Additional sections provide further measures of speech production.

Use this test to measure articulation of consonant sounds and determine types of misarticulation.

Supplemental Developmental Norms Booklet

Organisations find the Supplemental Developmental Norms Booklet included in the kit advantageous. With it they can use the norms—based on developmental data—to set their own cut-off criteria for intervention services qualification.

Easy to administer

Sounds-in-Words uses colourful, entertaining pictures to prompt responses that sample the major speech sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions.

Suggested cues have been added for the examiner to help elicit spontaneous responses by the examinee.

Additional sections provide a fuller sampling of the examinee’s ability to produce speech sounds and to reproduce sounds when modelled by the examiner.

With streamlined test administration, the Goldman-Fristoe 2 is an efficient way to obtain a representative sample of an examinee’s articulation ability.

Three sections sample a wide range of articulation skills

  • Sounds-in-Words Section uses pictures to elicit articulation of the major speech sounds when the examinee is prompted by a visual and/or verbal cue.
  • Sounds-in-Sentences Section assesses spontaneous sound production used in connected speech. The examinee is asked to retell a short story based on a picture cue. Target speech sounds are sampled within the context of simple sentences.
  • Stimulability Section measures the examinee’s ability to correctly produce a previously misarticulated sound when asked to watch and listen to the examiner’s production of the sound. The examinee repeats the word or phrase modelled by the examiner.

Increase your assessment clarity

The KLPA-2 (Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis) works with the Goldman-Fristoe 2 to give you a more comprehensive diagnosis of both articulation and use of phonological processes.

NEW: GFTA-2 Digital Stimulus Book: flash drive with stimulus book pictures of Form A and printable Administration directions (Windows version)

GFTA-3 has now superseded GFTA-2


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