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Peabody Developmental Motor Scales, Second Edition (PDMS-2)

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Assess motor skills - including reflexes, grasping, locomotion, object manipulation and visual-motor integration - in children


M Rhonda Folio,

Rebecca R Fewell

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Age Range:

Birth to 6 years


Individual - 20 to 30 minutes for each motor-related subtest or 45 to 60 minutes for entire assessment

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Measure developing motor skills with the following:

Reflexes: This 8-item subtest measures a child’s ability to automatically react to environmental events. Because reflexes typically become integrated by the time a child is 12 months old, this subtest is only given to children birth through 11 months.

Stationary: This 30-item subtest measures a child¹s ability to sustain control of his or her body within its center of gravity and retain equilibrium.

Locomotion: This 89-item subtest measures a child’s ability to move from one place to another. The actions measured include crawling, walking, running, hopping, and jumping forward.

Object Manipulation: This 24-item subtest measures a child’s ability to manipulate balls. Examples of the actions measured include catching, throwing, and kicking. Because these skills are not apparent until a child has reached the age of 11 months, this subtest is only given to children ages 12 months and older.

Grasping: This 26-item subtest measures a child’s ability to use his or her hands. It begins with the ability to hold an object with one hand and progresses up to actions involving the controlled use of the fingers of both hands.

Visual-Motor Integration: This 72-item subtest measures a child’s ability to use his or her visual perceptual skills to perform complex eye-hand coordination tasks such as reaching and grasping for an object, building with blocks, and copying designs.


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Complete kit:

Includes examiner's manual, 25 profile/summary forms, 25 examiner record booklets, guide to administering and scoring, Peabody Motor Activities Programme manual, Peabody Motor Development chart and manipulatives in storage box

Warning - choking hazard for children under 3 years

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