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Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, Second Edition (BOT-2)

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Key information

Assesses the motor proficiency of all students, ranging from those who are normally developing to those with moderate motor-skill deficits


Brett D Bruininks,

Robert H Bruininks

Publication Year:


Age Range:

4 years to 21 years


Individual: 45 to 60 minutes

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BOT-2 assesses the motor proficiency of all students, ranging from those who are normally developing to those with moderate motor-skill deficits. It can also be used for developing and evaluating motor training programmes.

Challenging, game-like tasks: children enjoy the variety and appeal of the test items. BOT-2 items provide a full range of interesting tasks that measure gross and fine motor skills—maintaining balance while standing on one leg, bouncing a ball, and cutting out a circle are just a few examples.

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New administration manual makes testing more efficient

BOT-2 features a completely new administration manual with an easy-to-use layout that gives examiners access to all the information they need on a single page. The manual also provides suggestions to guide examiners in explaining the tasks. For the examinee, large, clear pictures of the tasks being completed help provide a better understanding of the test items, especially for children who have language, cognition or attention problems.

Feautures 8 subtests that assess:

  1. Fine Motor Precision—7 items (e.g., cutting out a circle, connecting dots)
  2. Fine Motor Integration—8 items (e.g., copying a star, copying a square)
  3. Manual Dexterity—5 items (e.g., transferring pennies, sorting cards, stringing blocks)
  4. Bilateral Coordination—7 items (e.g., tapping foot and finger, jumping jacks)
  5. Balance—9 items (e.g., walking forward on a line, standing on one leg on a balance beam)
  6. Running Speed and Agility—5 items (e.g., shuttle run, one-legged side hop)
  7. Upper-Limb Coordination—7 items (e.g., throwing a ball at a target, catching a tossed ball)
  8. Strength—5 items (e.g., standing long jump, sit-ups).

Composite Scores

BOT–2 covers a broad array of fine and gross motor skills, providing composite scores in four motor areas and one comprehensive measure of overall motor proficiency. These composites are: 

  • Fine Manual Control
  • Manual Coordination
  • Body Coordination
  • Strength and Agility
  • Total Motor Composite
  • Interpretation.

BOT-2 ASSIST features include:

  • Unlimited scoring
  • Entry of either the Item Raw Scores (IRS) or subtests Total Point Scores (TPS)
  • Generation of derived scores and score profiles
  • Identification of examinees' motor skill strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive Training DVD

This DVD provides an in-depth look at all aspects of the BOT-2. The video includes an introduction by the authors, a detailed look at test administration, scoring and reporting information and an overview of the BOT-2 ASSIST scoring and reporting software program.


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Please note there is no onscreen administration due to the nature of these assessments. Scores should be manually entered in order for scores and reports to be generated. 


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