Preschool Language Scale - Fifth Edition (PLS-5 UK)

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PLS-5 UK offers you a comprehensive developmental language assessment, with items that range from pre-verbal, interaction-based skills to emerging language and early literacy


Irla Lee Zimmerman, PhD,

Roberta Evatt Pond,

Violette G Steiner

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Age Range:

Birth to 7 years 11 months


Pointing or verbal response to pictures and objects - Completion Time: 45-60 minutes

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PLS-5UK offers you a comprehensive developmental language assessment, with items that range from pre-verbal, interaction-based skills to emerging language and early literacy.

How different is PLS-5UK?

  • Streamlined Administration: Some tasks were combined in PLS-5UK to minimise switching between presentation of manipulables and the Picture Manual.
  • Improvements to test items: PLS-5UK includes modifications that better elicit target responses and make the items easier to administer and score. Approximately 25% of the items on PLS-5UK are new; 50% have been modified based on clinician feedback and expert review; 25% are unchanged.
  • Addition of growth scale values: PLS-5UK now includes Growth Scale Values that were developed so that you can track progress for children from birth to age 7.
  • Now to Age 7: Now you are able to assess language from emerging communication behaviours through emerging language and literacy skills to age 7:11. This will provide a single, standardised measure for children with significant deficits who are being tracked from a very young age.
  • Updated articulation screener: You can now test multiple phonemes within words. PLS-5UK includes picture stimuli to elicit target words. The screener takes less than 2 minutes to administer.

Features and benefits

  • Administer PLS-5UK to test a full range of language skills across the developmental language spectrum
  • Link the Home Communication Questionnaire items directly to test tasks to serve as a baseline for testing. This frees testing time for observing natural interactions between parents and children from Birth–2:0  
  • Target interaction, attention, vocal/gestural behaviours, and different levels of play for children from Birth to 2:11
  • Assess preschool children with new items for letter naming and book handling, and updated school readiness skills
  • Address a wider variety of early play behaviours
  • Better elicit target responses due to test item modifications that are based on examiner feedback
  • Minimise transitions between the play and picture pointing tasks now that test items with manipulatives are grouped to streamline administration
  • Engage children with the new Picture Manual featuring large, colourful illustrations
  • Many of the manipulatives are plastic (including Mr. Bear) so they can be wiped clean after each administration

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Manual Administration Kits

Complete kit (with manips):

Includes Examiner's Manual, Picture Manual, Admin Manual, Record Forms (25), Home Communication Questionnaire and Full Manip Set

Warning - choking hazard for children under 3 years

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ISBN: 9780749168674
£538.70 inc VAT
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Basic kit:

Includes Examiner's Manual, Picture Manual, Admin Manual, Record Forms (25) and Home Communication Questionnaire

NB This is the upgrade kit for those who previously purchased PLS-4 and already have the manips set. Please note you will also need to purchase the PLS-5 manips set below, or source your own items. See FAQs.
ISBN: 9780749168681
£420.21 inc VAT


Record Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749164294
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Admin Manual
ISBN: 9780749164263
£91.00 inc VAT
Examiner Manual
ISBN: 9780749164270
£48.00 inc VAT

Manual Administration Components

Home Communication Questionnaires, pad of 25
ISBN: 9780749164409
£12.00 inc VAT
Picture Manual
ISBN: 9780749164287
£148.00 inc VAT

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