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Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents™

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Profile child and adolescent personal strengths as well as vulnerability


Sandra Prince-Embury

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Age Range:

9 years to 18 years


Individual or group - 5 minutes per scale

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NEW EXPANDED AGE RANGE 9 to 18 years. Resiliency Scales review

Why do some children and adolescents adjust or recover and others find it more difficult to build resilience? Now, you have a brief tool to profile personal strengths, as well as vulnerability that is theoretically based and psychometrically sound.

Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents Contains:

Forms: Three stand-alone scales of 19 - 24 questions each. Each scale contains subscales that are theoretically grounded.

  • Sense of Mastery Scale
    Optimism, Self-Efficacy, Adaptivity
  • Sense of Relatedness Scale
    Trust, Support, Comfort, Tolerance
  • Emotional Reactivity Scale
    Sensitivity, Recovery, Impairment  


    Why assess resiliency?

  • Build positive psychology into your assessment practice.
  • Resiliency levels influence expected outcomes of many disorders.
  • Resiliency skills can be taught as an intervention strategy.
  • Patterns of strengths within the resiliency domain (mastery, relatedness, reactivity) can influence intervention goals.
  • Children with depression or anxiety may have different prognoses and lengths of care depending on their level of resiliency.
  • Victims of school bullying may respond differently depending on their resiliency profile.
  • Course of care may vary with resiliency profile for children with adjustment reactions to divorce, loss, or other life events.
  • Teens with posttraumatic stress disorder may respond differently depending on their resiliency profile.
  • Use together with any symptom based measure to obtain a balanced view of the teen.    

    Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents is ideal for the clinical or school psychologist, social worker or counsellor because it is


  • Quick-to-administer.
  • Use separately, together, or in conjunction with any symptom-based measure to obtain a balanced view of the teen.

Child and Adolescent friendly

  • Allows children to focus on strengths as well as symptoms and vulnerabilities.
  • Results easily interpreted and discussed with adolescents, teachers and parents.
  • May be used to start assessment to establish rapport and to initiate a positive helping relationship. 

Treatment focused

  • Quickly screens for personal strengths.
  • Normed with the Beck Youth Inventories-Second Edition, to link a Resiliency Profile with specific symptoms for more targeted treatment planning.
  • Helps clinician generate and prioritize intervention strategies.
  • Systematically benchmark and monitor responses to interventions in terms of strength enhancement as well as symptom reduction.    

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Includes manual and 25 combination scale booklets
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Emotional reactivity scale, pad of 25
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Sense of relatedness scale, pad of 25
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Sense of mastery scale, pad of 25
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