Sample reports

Conners Early Childhood (Conners EC) - Sample reports

Click the following links for Conners Early Childhood Sample reports:

(These documents require Adobe PDF Reader to be able to view them. You can download this free software via the following link:

Parent Sample Sample Assessment report (946 KB)

Behavior-Parent Sample Assessment report (777 KB)

Behavior-Parent Short Sample Assessment report (596 KB)

Developmental Milestones-Parent Sample Assessment report (600 KB)

Progress Reports
Progress Reports compare the results of two to four administrations for the same individual to measure changes over time. These reports are ideal to use when monitoring treatment and intervention. Progress Reports are available for all Conners EC components.

Behavior-Parent Short Sample Progress report (725 KB)

Comparative Reports
Comparative Reports compare ratings from two to five administrations from different raters (eg mother, father, and a teacher/childcare provider) to establish the similarities and differences in reports of a child’s functioning in different contexts.

Sample comparative report (1.10 MB, pdf)

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