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Learning Through The Senses Resources Manual - The Impact of Sensory Processing in the Classroom

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Develop effective classroom intervention strategies based on sensory processing


Developed by School Therapy Services staff employed by the Northern Territory Government in Australia

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With the Learning Through the Senses Resource Manual, you can expand your understanding of sensory processing. The manual is also appropriate for teachers as it includes practical and effective classroom strategies and interventions to assist a child with learning difficulties and/or disruptive behaviours as a result of identified sensory processing difficulties.

Based on the Sensory Profile, Learning Through the Senses Resource Manual provides classroom strategies and activities for each sensory section as outlined by the Sensory Profile. It can also be used in conjunction with the Sensory Profile School Companion to plan and facilitate the appropriate intervention strategies.

The Learning Through the Senses Resource Manual is also a great resource for OTs to use for explaining sensory processing and its impact on classroom behaviours to teachers.


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