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Western Aphasia Battery - Revised (WAB-R)

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WAB-R packshot
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Key information

A complete battery and a bedside instrument to quickly diagnose moderate to severe aphasia


Andrew Kertesz

Publication Year:


Age Range:

18 years to 89 years


Individual - 30 to 45 minutes; bedside WAB-R: 15 minutes

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The Western Aphasia Battery - Revised (WAB-R) is the updated version of the highly respected and widely used instrument for assessing adult patients with aphasia.

It is an individually administered assessment for adults with acquired neurological disorders (e.g. as a result of a stroke, head injury or dementia). Like the previous edition, WAB-R assesses the linguistic skills most frequently affected by aphasia, in addition to key nonlinguistic skills and provides differential diagnosis information.

New Features and Enhanced Utility

The WAB-R, a full battery of 8 subtests (32 short tasks), maintains the structure, overall content and clinical value of the current measure while creating these improvements:

  • Two new supplementary tasks (reading and writing of irregular and non-words) will aid the clinician in distinguishing between surface, deep (phonological), and visual dyslexia
  • Revision of approximately 15 items
  • Bedside WAB-R provides a quick look at patient's functioning
  • Examiner's manual with technical/psychometric properties information, test interpretation relevant to aphasic populations, historical evidence of reliability and validity and information about the unique aspects of assessing the language ability of individuals with dementia
  • Revised administration directions - more user-friendly with directions to the examinee for all subtests
  • Expanded scoring guidelines for clarity.

Price list

Complete kit:

Includes examiner's manual, stimulus book, 25 record forms, 25 bedside record forms, Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices test booklet and manipulative set (includes 4 kohs blocks) in a bag
ISBN: 9780158440866
£490.80 inc VAT
Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices test booklet
ISBN: 9780154686213
£67.00 inc VAT
Bedside record forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780158440842
£44.40 inc VAT
Examiner's manual
ISBN: 9780158440811
£105.00 inc VAT
Record form part 1, pack of 20
ISBN: 9780158440835
£70.80 inc VAT
Record form part 2, pack of 10
ISBN: 9780158441016
£52.80 inc VAT
Stimulus book
ISBN: 9780158440828
£159.00 inc VAT

WAB-R Q-global Stimulus Book

ISBN: 9780749116576
£159.00 inc VAT
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