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What's new from Pearson Assessment

The newest assessments and interventions from Pearson Assessment: 


The newest assessments and interventions for Psychology Professionals:


Manual cover|
Provides a complete assessment of adaptive skills across the life span



ADOS-2 packshot|
Use the ADOS-2 to accurately assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorders across age, developmental level and language skills. 


BASC-3 Manual| 
Assess behaviour and emotions in children and adolescents with BASC-2



BMAT packshot|
Standardised test of gross and fine motor skills


Conners CATA Logo|
Assesses auditory processing and attention-related problems in individuals aged 8 years and older


Conners CPT 3|
A task-oriented computerised assessment of attention-related problems in individuals aged 8 years and older



D-REF Manual|
A measure of an individual's behaviours related to executive function difficulties



GARS-3 Cover|
Assists teachers, parents and clinicians in identifying autism in individuals and estimating its severity




KTEA-3 Logo|
KTEA-3 is an individually administered battery that provides in-depth assessment of key academic skills.



A practical reference book on basic statistical methods to support users of psychometric tests



TOMAL-2 Cover|
Provides the most comprehensive coverage of memory assessment currently available in a standardised battery



WPPSI-IV UK packshot|
An innovative, reliable and valid measure of cognitive development for young children




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