A report published in March 2010 is part of the Breaking the Link series formed by the DFE.

Building on an initial investigation into disadvantage and low attainment, this report looks at where SEN children are benefiting by best practice from local authorities and schools and how this can be further developed.

You can download a copy of this new report (on the DFE website) Breaking the link between special educational needs and low attainment - Everyone's business.

As the leading provider of standardised assessments for professionals working in both special needs and mainstream education we provide a range of products that cover Access Arrangements and Social and Emotional tests. Products include Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH), DASH 17+, the WIAT-II-T-UK, Ravens-EducationalResiliency Scales and the Dyslexia Screening Tests range (DST-J, DST-SDEST-2 and DAST).

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