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Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA) - Endorsements

I have used the Automated working Memory Assessment (AWMA) as a measuring tool for the research element of my recently completed masters degree as well as a means of early identification to support children with learning difficulties.

The AWMA also has significant value as a measuring tool for the following reasons:

It is easy to use and because the scoring and profile are automatically generated valuable time is saved

The profiles can give a good indication of what the nature of the learning difficulty is likely to be

The children find this medium of assessment less threatening

There are no extra costs involved in replacing any score sheets etc.

We are now in the process of adopting the AWMA as a generic tool for all the advisory teachers in the service to use as an integral part of any assessment they do.

Jennie Whelan, Head of SEN & Disability Inclusion Service (SENDIS)


The scoring being done for you is brilliant, as you don’t have the difficulty of working out the move on or discontinue rules.

Judith, Educational Psychologist

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I feel that your AWMA would be a very useful addition to our battery of tests.

Debra Currie, College of Optometry


It does give a very good profile of results and has gone a long way to confirm my own assessment findings on the pupils I have used it with.

Val Hammond, Partners in Education


I am interested in the Automated Working Memory Assessment as I currently carry out several assessments for dyslexia each year. I have felt for a long time that I need something more 'meaty' than the current memory tests that I have!

Mary Kewney


I work with children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, who - in addition to their muscular and medical concerns - have verbal working memory deficits and poor academic achievement. I think the AWMA is perfectly suited as a screener tool for them.

Veronica, Columbia University

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Key Information


AWMA provides a practical and convenient way for teachers and psychologists to screen for significant working memory problems from childhood to early adulthood


Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway

Publication Year


Age Range

4 to 22 years


Individual - Screener: 5 to 7 mins; Short form: 10 to 15 mins; Long form: 45 mins

Qualification Code


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