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Raven's - Educational - MHV Forms 1 and 2

MHV Form 1 gives the first set of words in open-ended format and the second set of words in multiple-choice format.

On MHV Form 2 the presentation is reversed. The same words appear in both lists. Form 2 is useful for retesting and/or to reduce the chance of copying when the test is being administered in a group setting.

MHV Form 1 Record Forms are included in the SPM+/MHV kit. MHV Form 2 Record Forms can be purchased separately. 


Key Information


The Progressive Matrices provide an assessment of non-verbal ability and the Vocabulary Scales provide scores in the verbal domain.


John C Raven et al

Publication Year


Age Range

CPM / CVS: 4 to 11 years, SPM+ / MHV: 7 to 18 years


Individual or Group

Qualification Code


£294.00 (Complete kit price from)
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