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Brief Symptom Inventory 18 (BSI 18)

Product Description

The Brief Symptom Inventory 18 (BSI 18) is designed with reliability in mind. The BSI 18 assessment gathers patient-reported data to help measure psychological distress and psychiatric disorders in medical and community populations.

As the latest in an integrated series of test instruments that include the SCL-90-R| and BSI|, the BSI 18 test offers a more effective, easy-to-administer tool to help support clinical decision-making and monitor progress throughout treatment.


Norm Groups

Report Options

Scoring Options|


Symptom Scales
SOM - Somatization
O-C - Obsessive-Compulsive
I-S - Interpersonal Sensitivity
DEP - Depression
ANX - Anxiety
HOS - Hostility
PHOB - Phobic Anxiety
PAR - Paranoid Ideation
PSY - Psychoticism

Global Indices
GSI - Global Severity Index, Helps measure overall psychological distress level
PSDI - Positive Symptom Distress Index, Helps measure the intensity of symptoms
PST - Positive Symptom Total, Reports number of self-reported symptoms

Norm Groups

  • Adult Nonpatient
    The adult nonpatient norms are based on 974 individuals—494 males and 480 females. Approximately 85% of the sample was white and 60% was married. The mean age was 46.
  • Adult Psychiatric Outpatient
    The adult psychiatric outpatient norms are based on 1,002 individuals—425 males and 577 females. Approximately 67% of the sample was white and 46% was single. The mean age was 31.2.
  • Adult Psychiatric Inpatient
    The adult psychiatric inpatient norms are based on 423 individuals—158 males and 265 females. Approximately 56% of the sample was white and 44% was single. The mean age was 33.1.
  • Adolescent Nonpatient
    The adolescent norms are based on 2,408 individuals—1,601males and 807 females. The data were gathered in six separate schools in two states. Approximately 58% of the sample was white, and the mean age was 15.8.

Report Options

Profile Report

Presents raw and normalized T scores for each of the nine Primary Symptom Dimensions and the three Global Indices. For adults, the plotted T scores are profiled based on your choice of the nonpatient, outpatient or inpatient norms. (The T scores for the remaining norm groups are printed below the profile.) For adolescents, the plotted T scores are based on the adolescent nonpatient norms.

Scoring Options

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Handscore starter kit with oncology norms:

Includes manual, 50 answer sheets with test items and 50 profile forms.
£125.97 inc VAT
Available in 21 days after placing your order

Handscore starter kit with community norms:

Includes manual, 50 answer sheets with test items and 50 profile forms
£125.97 inc VAT
Profile forms with community norms, pack of 50
£36.60 inc VAT
£42.50 inc VAT
Handscore answer sheets, pack of 50
£79.80 inc VAT
Profile forms, pack of 50 with oncology norms
£31.11 inc VAT
Q-global BSI 18 Profile Report
£7.80 inc VAT

Key Information


Quickly measure and monitor psychological distress


Leonard R Derogatis

Publication Year


Age Range

18 years and older


Individual - 4 minutes

Qualification Code


£123.50 (Complete kit price from)
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