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Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI)

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Product Description

The Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI) provides a basis for describing different ways in which individuals use alcohol, the benefits they derive from such use, the negative consequences associated with its use, and the degree of concern individuals express about the use of alcohol and its consequences. 

How to Use This Test

The AUI test can be used by psychologists, social workers, chemical dependency counsellors and physicians to help:

  • Differentiate drinking styles and develop individual treatment plans
  • Provide an objective assessment of alcohol-related problems
  • Identify treatment-relevant classification of alcohol abusers based on DSM-IV® classifications

Key Features

The AUI test's multidimensional approach can help the substance-abuse professional tailor a treatment plan to a client's specific problems.

The self-report format of the AUI test enables substance-abuse professionals to compare an individual's perceptions about his or her use of alcohol with the interviewer's perceptions and those of family members and others.


Primary Scales



SOCIALIM - Drink to improve sociability

MENTALIM - Drink to improve mental functioning

MANGMOOD - Drinking helps to manage moods

MARICOPE - Drinking follows marital problems


GREGARUS - Gregarious drinking versus solo

COMPULSV - Compulsive drinking

SUSTAIND - Sustained versus periodic drinking


LCONTROL - Loss of control over behavior when drinking

ROLEMALA - Social role maladaption

DELIRIUM - Psychoperceptual withdrawal

HANGOVER - Psychophysical withdrawal

MARIPROB - Drinking causes marital problems

Concerns and Acknowledgments

QUANTITY - Quantity of daily use when drinking

GUILTWOR - Guilt and worry associated with drinking

HELPBEFR - Prior attempts to deal with drinking

RECEPTIV - Readiness for help

AWARENES - Awareness of drinking problem

Second-Order Factor Scales  

  • ENHANCED - Drinking to enhance functioning
  • OBSESSED - Obsessive, sustained drinking
  • DISRUPT1 - Uncontrolled life disruption due to drinking: directly stated
  • DISRUPT2 - Uncontrolled life disruption due to drinking: indirectly stated
  • ANXCONCN - Anxiety related to drinking
  • RECPAWAR - Acknowledgment and awareness of use problem

General Alcohol Involvement  

  • ALCINVOL - Broad involvement with alcohol

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Key Information


Assessment of patterns of behaviour, attitudes and symptoms associated with alcohol use and abuse


John Horn

Kenneth W Wanberg

F Mark Foster

Publication Year


Age Range

16 years and older


Individual - 35-60 minutes

Qualification Code


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