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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Fourth UK Edition (WAIS-IV UK) - New Subtests

Visual Puzzles

  • Contributes to Perceptual Reasoning Composite
  • More reliable measure than Object Assembly
  • Requires no motor skills

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Which 3 of these pieces go together to make this puzzle?

Visual Puzzles


Figure Weights

  • Contributes to Perceptual Reasoning Composite
  • Measure of quantitative and analogical reasoning
  • Requires no motor skills

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Which one of these goes here to balance the scale?

Figure weights



  • Contributes to Processing Speed Composite
  • Imbedded Stroop Effect
  • Provides scores for omission and commission errors


When I say go, draw a line through each red square and yellow triangle ?


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Key Information


Provides you with the most advanced measure of cognitive ability in adults. Includes updated normative data for ages 16-90 years.


David Wechsler

Publication Year


Age Range

16 years to 90 years 11 months


Individual - 75 minutes

Qualification Code


£1,338.50 (Complete kit price from)
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