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Kaplan Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment (KBNA UK) - Auditory Detection Files

Auditory Signal Detection Files for KBNA administration. You can download and burn a CD, add to your iPod, play from your Windows Media Player, etc. All files have the same content but are offered in different formats for your convenience.

To learn more about the file types and decide which may work best for you, read more: 





PC Users:

Right Click

Save As


Mac Users:

Control Click

Save As


Download the files for free:

Auditory Signal Detection_KBNA.aif (AIF - 60 MB) 

Auditory Signal Detection_KBNA.mp3 (MP3 - 7 MB)

Auditory Signal Detection_KBNA.wav (WAV - 60 MB)




Key Information


Screen for cognitive ability in adults


Brian Richards

Dmytro Rewilak

Edith Kaplan

Guy B Proulx

Larry Leach

Publication Year


Age Range

20 years to 89 years


Individual - 60 minutes

Qualification Code


£376.00 (Complete kit price from)
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