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What's new from Pearson Assessment

Welcome to our range of new and forthcoming psychometric assessments, interventions and CPD resources from Pearson. Psychologists, therapists, specialist teachers and SENCOs, use our tools in health and educational settings, to support outcomes for children and adults.

Our portfolio spans a number of fields, including cognition, neuropsychology, SLCN, autism spectrum disorders, SEND, mental health and more.


The newest assessments and interventions for Ed Psychs, Teachers and SENCOs: 



Manual cover
Provides a complete assessment of adaptive skills across the life span




ART-2 Cover
Adult Reading Test, Second Edition (ART-2)
Use the Adult Reading Test, Second Edition to assess adult reading skills




BASC-3 Logo
Behaviour Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC-3)
Understand the emotions and behaviours of children and adolescents



BASC-3 BESS Manual
BASC-3 BESS Behavioral and Emotional Screening System
Brief, universal screening system for measuring behavioural and emotional strengths and weaknesses in children and adolescents.



BASC-3 PRQ Cover
The BASC-3 Parenting Relationship Questionnaire (PRQ) is designed to capture a parent's perspective on the parent-child relationship



CTOPP 2 Cover

Identify individuals who need help in developing phonological skill




GRS Manual
Identify children for placement in gifted education programmes with these norm-referenced rating scales




KeyMaths3 Cover

Gives you the tools to assess maths skills of students aged 6 years to 16 years 11 months and assist in intervention planning




KTEA-3 Logo
KTEA-3 is an individually administered battery that provides in-depth assessment of key academic skills.



KTEA-3 Brief logo
Individually administered battery that provides in-depth assessment of key academic skills.



Intervention strategies to support students with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders. Aligned with the new DSM-5 criteria.


A practical reference book on basic statistical methods to support users of psychometric tests



Psychometrics Training Online Cover
An online training package developed to support those using standardised assessments in both health and education settings.



Pupil Aspire logo
Capture the pupil, family and teacher voice. Evidence your SEND strategy and track costs and pupil progress in one powerful software tool.



Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen Manual
Quick, evidence-based Dyslexia screening tool that identifies students that are at risk.



Vineland-3 Kitshot
The leading instrument for supporting the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Designed to meet any adaptive behaviour assessment need.


The latest version of the most reliable assessment of reading, language and numerical attainment.


WISC-V UK logo
The latest version of the most proven trusted cognitive ability measure ever



Evaluate an individual's memory functioning


WRAT-4 Kitshot
Measure the basic academic skills of reading, spelling and maths computation


WRIT logo
Provides a general measure of intelligence


Assess reading, mathematics and nonverbal reasoning



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