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Capture the pupil, family and teacher voice. Evidence your SEND strategy and track costs and pupil progress in one powerful software tool.


FocusChange Ltd

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8 years to Adult (18+)


Individual - 25 to 30 minutes

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Pupil Aspire is based on sound psychological principles and promotes best practice in line with the guidelines proposed in the SEND Code of Practice (UK). 

Using a simple shared scale the guided structured conversation provides a formative assessment of a child or young person's strengths and needs in key areas such as Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH). The outcomes of this process can then be used to inform person centred intervention planning. The tool also has additional capabilities such as intervention management, provision mapping and cost tracking.

Pupil Aspire has been designed and developed by Educational Psychologists at FocusPsychology, led by Dr Jagdish Kaur Barn, in collaboration with schools. Working closely with school practitioners, pupils and their families has ensured that Pupil Aspire is relevant to today’s school community needs and offers an attractive and user friendly interface for the multiple age range it supports.

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Key Features of Pupil Aspire

  • Capture the pupil, family and teacher voice (see screenshot, below) in relation to needs across Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH), Cognition & Learning, Communication & Interaction, Sensory & Physical and Attainment
  • Choose from over 240 predefined formative assessment scales or customise your own
  • Produce cost reports and track costs such as Pupil Premium against pre-defined interventions
  • Track pupil progress against pre-defined targets
  • Evidence desired outcomes for personalised plans and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)
  • Walks you through a clear and explorative structured conversation
  • Highly visual to support understanding, ideal for pupils requiring non-verbal stimuli (e.g. English as an additional language)
  • Focus on what’s going right and set further goals in collaboration with pupils and their families
  • Generate session reports detailing views, desired outcomes and interventions
  • Produce provision maps
  • Features can be used individually

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Solution Focused

By ensuring positive language and realistic goals the Pupil Aspire session is one of the most effective approaches to identifying need and improving outcomes for young people. 

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