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A variety of activities, from easy, primarily oral activities using pictures, to more difficult activities that incorporate reading and writing skills for students preschool to 13 years.


Eleanor Semel,

Elisabeth H Wiig

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CLIP Morphology Worksheets:

Regular and irregular plurals, possessives, words with "en" endings, tense markers, noun-verb agreement, comparatives and superlatives and personal and posessive pronouns
ISBN: 9780158046501
£0.00 inc VAT

CLIP Syntax Worksheets:

Simple sentences, transformations (negation, passive voice, questions) and compound and complex sentences
ISBN: 9780158046518
£0.00 inc VAT

CLIP Semantics Worksheets:

Labels and actions, object functions, locatives, attributes (quality and quantity), time and sequence
ISBN: 9780158046525
£0.00 inc VAT

CLIP Pragmatics Worksheets:

Greetings and goodbyes, calls for attention, requesting permission, asking for information, commenting, direct and indirect requests, protesting, and other sections.
ISBN: 9780158046532
£0.00 inc VAT

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