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Adaptive Behavior Assessment System ® (ABAS) - Second Edition

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Product Description

ABAS-3 is now available >

This excellent tool can be used with the Wechsler scales for determining functional levels. It can also be used for evaluating levels of adaptive functioning and specifying treatment goals for individuals with behavioural, medical and psychological problems.

It is the first test that comprehensively assesses all 10 areas of adaptive behaviours as specified by DSM-IV in relation to learning difficulties:

  • Communication
  • Community Use
  • Functional Academics
  • Home Living
  • Health and Safety
  • Leisure
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Direction
  • Social
  • Work.

Scores for each area allow you to evaluate areas of functioning, determine strengths and weaknesses and recommend training objectives.

Furthermore, separate forms are available for teachers and parents, so that the perspective of carers and other professionals involved with the client can be taken into account.

Validity studies using large linking samples allow the clinician to evaluate the relationship between adaptive behaviour functioning and intelligence, as measured by the WISC-IV, WAIS-IV and WASI.

Now available: The technical supplement for ABAS-II which provides new Adaptive Domain Composite Scores.

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Complete kit:

Includes manual (infant and preschool, school and adult), 5 parent/primary caregiver forms (ages 0-5), 5 teacher/daycare provider forms (ages 2-5), 5 parent forms (ages 5-21), 5 teacher forms (ages 5-21) and 5 adult forms (ages 16 to 89)
£240.00 inc VAT
Manual (infant and preschool, school and adult)
£178.00 inc VAT
Parent/primary caregiver forms (ages 0-5), pack of 25
£93.60 inc VAT
Teacher/daycare provider form (ages 2-5), pack of 25
£93.60 inc VAT
Parent forms (ages 5-21), pack of 25
£93.60 inc VAT
Adult forms (ages 16-89), pack of 25
£93.60 inc VAT
Teacher forms (ages 5-21), pack of 25
£93.60 inc VAT

School kit:

Includes manual (infant and preschool, school and adult), 25 parent forms (ages 5 to 21) and 25 teacher forms (ages 5 to 21)
£288.00 inc VAT
Currently out of stock, available to pre-order

Infant and Preschool kit:

Includes manual (infant and preschool, school and adult), 25 parent/primary caregiver forms (ages 0 to 5), 25 teacher/daycare provider forms (ages 2 to 5)
£288.00 inc VAT
Currently out of stock, available to pre-order

Key Information


Assess the level of adaptive skills in children and adults


Patti Harrison

Thomas Oakland

Publication Year


Age Range

Birth to 5 years; 5 years to 21 years; 16 years to 89 years


Individual - 15 minutes

Qualification Code


£240.00 (Complete kit price from)
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