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Cogmed Working Memory Training

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Cogmed is an

evidence-based program

for improving working memory


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What is Cogmed Working Memory Training?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for improving attention
by increasing working memory capacity over a five week training period.

Through combining cognitive neuroscience with innovative computer game design and Cogmed robot
close professional support, Cogmed delivers substantial and lasting benefits to its users: 

  • Aims to improve attention by increasing working memory capacity 
  • An online, coach-supported training program
  • Can be completed in around five weeks in school, home or work environments
  • For children and adults alike
  • Based on solid research.

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Try the program yourself

Now you can try the program yourself. Simply visit| and login
using the following username and password:

Username: test

Password: test99

Try Cogmed now > |

NB The program begins at the easiest level in order to demonstrate all the exercises; when
using in real time it will adapt according to the end users ability to remain on easier levels
or progress through to more demanding tasks.


The benefits of Cogmed Working Memory Training

  • Simple pricing structure – get a small annual subscription (including coach
    training and coach access for two staff and 20 user ids) for just £400 per year.
    Medium and large subscriptions also available. See a full list of prices >  
  • Train at home option for all - Cogmed is now accessible online, allowing
    completion both at home and at work/school.
  • Access all three versions of the product – Cogmed RM, Cogmed QM
    and Cogmed JM.  
What is working memory?

Working memory is the cognitive function responsible for keeping information online,
manipulating it, and using it in your thinking (typically for a few seconds). It is necessary
for staying focused on a task, blocking out distractions, and keeping you updated and
aware about what’s going on around you.

We use our working memory constantly in daily life, helping us to perform efficiently and
effectively in academic, professional, and social settings.

Cogmed training is an evidence-based |, computer training program that can be effectively
implemented in schools, private practice or in the health service, to improve one’s working
memory capacity to be better equipped to meet daily challenges. 




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