Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA) - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I test a new individual once I've started to complete report details ?

Click on the 'Reset' button on the right hand side of the screen to clear all information from 'Report Details' as well as all test scores.  


How do I reset all of the scores to zero?

Click on the 'Reset' button on the right hand side of the screen. This button will also clear all information from 'Report Details' on the left hand side of the screen.


Can I export the result to Microsoft Excel?

You can also export the results to Microsoft Excel by clicking on the 'Export to Excel' button on the right hand side of the screen. This will allow you to save the raw scores on your computer. You may wish to select a folder to save this in. You can then open the Excel file directly from the folder you saved it in or after opening Microsoft Excel and selecting the 'Open' option under the 'File' tab. 


Is it possible to use the reverse rule in practice trials?

This feature is also present in the practice trials so that you can go back to an easier practice level if necessary.



Can I use AWMA on networked computers?

AWMA can be used on a computer that is on a network, but the AWMA itself can't be networked. It needs to be installed on a local profile.


Can you explain how to use the AWMA demo please?

On the bottom left hand side of the screen it gives instructions. When the child answers to the examiner verbally, the examiner uses the arrow keys to indicate what response the child has given, and whether the response was correct or not.

Download the sample onto your computer, and follow the instructions on the bottom left hand side of the screen which indicates which arrows to press for the child’s responses.


Why do the standard scores and percentiles not match as seen in other standardised assessments?

The percentiles calculated by the program are based on the sample and show therefore that some subtests were easier than others for the standardisation sample. However, due to customer demand we have now converted the standard scores into standard percentiles on the new updated version of the AWMA which is available to download. If you wish to update your version of the AWMA to version 1.4 please contact our customer services team for further information.


Is AWMA Windows 7 compatible?

Yes, the AWMA is compatible with Windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7. Unfortunately it does not work on a MAC platform.


Can you provide/calculate confidence intervals for the AWMA?

Confidence intervals are not provided in the test manual.

If you wish to calculate the standard error of measurement for the AWMA you can do so by using the correlation values provided for each subtest in chapter 4.  A single reliability coefficient is not provided in this test so you would need to calculate SEM for each subtest in order to find the confidence bands for each subtest.

Please note that statistical calculations not specified or provided in the manual are outside of our recommendations. You would need to approach your centre, course tutor, governing body (whichever is relevant) or a statistics book or course for this type of information.


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