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A campaign to increase understanding of how important it is for children and young people to develop good communication skills.




Pearson Assessment,

The Communication Trust

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Children and Young People



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Shine a Light Awards, run by The Communication Trust and Pearson Assessment 

The Shine a Light Awards are designed to celebrate excellent practice in supporting children and young people's communication development. Now in their third year we're helping centres, schools, teams and individuals to shout about the amazing work they are carrying out, and raising the profile of speech, language and communication needs. 


In the 21st century, the ability to communicate – to say what you want to say and to understand what other people are saying – is fundamental. Communication is a skill that we learn and develop and is something we can all improve. Yet over 1 million children in the UK, struggle to communicate, meaning they are shut out of everyday life.

In 2011, Pearson Assessment was co-sponsor of Hello, national year of communication campaign run by The Communication Trust. A government-backed campaign that aimed to increase peoples understanding of how important it is for children and young people to develop good communication skills.

Jean Gross, the former Communication Champion and government advisor has issued her two year report looking at her finding before and during the national year. Read Jean Gross’ report containing 30 recommendations in full at

At Pearson Assessment: “We hope that the recommendations made by Jean Gross will be taken-up by communities, families, health and education departments, so that her inspiring legacy continues. We were particularly heartened to see Jean Gross’ calls for children with behavioural difficulties to be screened for underlying SLCN problems, and believe that the three-wave approach for promoting communication skills is an ideal way to start to bring together different services across health and education.”

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Key highlights of the Hello campaign were:

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