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Hello - the Year of Communication - Campaign video


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'One in a Million’

To help highlight the challenges experienced by children with speech, language and communication needs, the Hello campaign launched a new short film in June 2011 called 'One in a Million’. 

Produced with support from Pearson Assessment, the film is narrated by Ben Macleod, a 21 year old actor who developed severe communication needs at a young age.

Created to help promote the Hello campaign, the film explains how learning to communicate is one of the most important things a child will ever do and how children can struggle immensely unless they are supported by adults to develop strong talking and listening skills.

The film highlights that as many as one million children and young people have hidden long term and persistent speech, language and communication needs. It also makes clear what both parents and professionals, such as teachers and health workers, can do to help children by taking part in the Hello campaign.

As Ben explains, children like him can achieve given the correct help and support from those around them.

‘One in a Million’ was produced by Tentacle Media.


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