We offer a wide range of assessments and services for health professionals working with children and adults of all ages. You can depend on our easy-to-use, psychometrically robust assessments to help you support to identify areas where individuals are experiencing difficulties, and enhance their strengths.

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PLS-5 UK,  a comprehensive developmental language assessment.

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Our new web-based platform for test administration, scoring and reporting. 

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Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH)

Assess handwriting speed - ideal for providing evidence for...

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Sensory Processing Measure (SPM)

Provides a complete picture of children's sensory processing difficulties...


Vineland-3 kit 


The leading instrument for supporting the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disabilities.


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#OTLearn recordings

#OTLearn series of free webinar's return this year. Watch last year's recordings for what to expect this year.

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Sensory Profile 2

Evaluate children's sensory processing patterns at home, school, and in the community.


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Health & Psychology Catalogue

Request or download your free copy of our 2017 Health & Psychology catalogue.
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